Import – Export

You may want to import-export to Canada through your business.

How Your Business Can Import-Export in Canada?

You may want to import-export to Canada through your business. There are several procedures you should follow for this. To be able to import goods into Canada or export goods to another country, you must first sign up for an import-export program account. At this point, it is useful to get support from professionals in order to fully perform the procedures and not have any problems.

What Are the Requirements for Import-Export in Canada?

An account number is given to you after you register for an import-export program account in Canada. This account number is used to process customs documents. To prevent your goods from being delayed at the border, you must have opened your program account before importing or exporting.

When opening the account, you must include the full name of your business for the business name that will appear on customs clearance forms and invoices when you register with a business number. Because if the name on the customs exit document and the name on the file are different from each other, your goods may be kept at the border. In such a case, it is necessary to act in accordance with the procedure from the very beginning in order to prevent the victimization that may occur.

You also have various obligations when importing or exporting your goods or services. These obligations are as follows:

  • Reporting your posts
  • Accounting management for counting your goods
  • Paying taxes to the government
  • Paying customs duty

You should not forget to get support from experts in order to follow up and fulfill your obligations. You will also need to obtain a new account number if you merge two or more companies and create a new company. In such a case, all import-export program accounts owned by the merging companies are closed.

After opening the import-export program account, you need to check whether the goods you will send or receive require permission. After providing the necessary controls, you should also get permission for the goods that require permission. The fact that the trade you will do is in compliance with the legal conditions will prevent you from encountering various penalties later on.

Vita Is With You For Perfect Import-Export Experience!

Starting an import-export business in Canada can be intimidating. However, after learning and fulfilling your responsibilities to the state, the job depends entirely on the competency of your trade. Vita is always by your side with its expert staff in order to learn about the steps needed to fulfill your responsibilities. You can contact us and get support to learn all the necessary information you need about the fulfillment of the procedures.

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