Student Mentoring

Guiding the student by a person to support the learning process
can be called mentoring.

What is Student Mentoring?

Guiding the student by a person to support the learning process can be called mentoring. The mentoring process is the whole of continuous training, speeches and meetings to support the student on the road to success. In the sessions, topics related to the student’s self-knowledge and evaluation of his options are discussed in general. It is ensured that the students set goals that will contribute to their own development and find ways to realize their individual learning.

What awaits the Student with Student Mentoring?

  • Students are made to feel that they are not alone. Thus, he can explain his wishes and expectations without feeling under pressure.
  • In addition to self-discovery, the student can do personal value studies such as questioning, targeting and gaining awareness.
  • The student learns to be process and goal oriented.
  • The student learns to set out by learning various lessons from the success and failure stories he will listen to.
  • The student understands the importance of reading.
  • The student reveals his knowledge and potential. Thus, by pushing their own limits, they see what they can achieve.
  • Seeing that all kinds of efforts are appreciated, the student tries to act accordingly in his next life and realizes that he should treat the people in front of him in the same way.
  • It pushes the limits of the student’s brain with mind maps.
  • The student gains the discipline of taking notes.
  • As the student practices frequently, he/she becomes able to use his/her quick thinking ability.
  • By doing exercises called power stance, the student is taught how to get what he wants in universal ways.

Why Choose Student Mentoring?

One of the things students who feel lost beyond the commercial purpose, need most is someone who can guide and understand them. At this point, it is important the student creates a harmonious relationship with his/her mentor. While this harmony accompanies the student’s self-discovery, it also breeds success. As I’m sure you’re already aware, success is not only via good grades, success comes in many forms and is an important part of your children’s well being.

Conflicts between the family members and the student are minimized thanks to the obligatory sessions in which we promote the participation of parents and the student. Thus, individuals who know what they want, have strong family relations, and are aware of the steps to be taken on the way to a goal which can be reached. If you are in a position where you feel the need for expert opinions because of your child’s inability to set any goals, you may therefore want to contact us and consider finding a mentor for your child.

Let’s Lead You to Peak.